Protect Your Home from Costly Termites

Termites have the potential to cause significant damage to your home if not dealt with promptly. Ensure the integrity of your home and the safety of your family by calling the experts at Jones Termite & Pest Control Inc.

Termite Control in Southeast Pennsylvania

Termites have lived on Earth for more than 250 million years and damage more than 600,000 homes in the United States every year. There are 45 species of termites in the United States and over 2,000 species worldwide. Some reports claim that the total weight of all the termites in the world is greater than the weight of all the humans in the world! Since termites are prevalent and since homeowner’s insurance does not cover termite damage, it is critical that you contact the experts at Jones Termite & Pest Control Inc. before irreversible damage has occurred to your Pennsylvania home.

Don’t Let Termites Damage Your Home

Termites are social insects that live in colonies with social structures, much like ants do. They eat non-stop. They build large nests, dig tunnels in buildings and houses, and damage wooden beams and support structures, making the structures weak and potentially dangerous. Termites can destroy foundations, plastic plumbing, sub-flooring, wooden support beams, and insulation. Some estimates state that termites can cause up to $2 billion dollars of damage per year worldwide and do more damage to homes than tornadoes, hurricanes, and wind and hail storms combined.

Trust the Experts

Since there are many different species of termites, detecting them can be difficult in most cases. Calling an expert termite specialist is recommended. Our professional exterminators know the biology and behavior of each species and can detect if they are present in and around your home. 

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How the Sentricon System Works

Termites can cause major damage to the structure of your home. Termites live in underground nests that are difficult to treat without professional pest control systems, such as Sentricon Termite Systems. Sentricon is a termite control system that works where termites live, making it an effective tool for eliminating these pests. We were chosen by Dow Agrosciences in 1995 as one of the first company to be able to use Sentricon to protect homes from termite infestation. See How the Sentricon System Works.

Sentricon Termite Systems are designed to kill termites underground using bait that is carried to other parts of the nest. Termites can create a nest that covers up to an acre. Within the nesting area, there are many tunnels leading out from the center of the nest. Traditional treatments include using a pesticide that is mixed into the soil around homes as a deterrent to infestation.

With traditional treatments, termites could still enter a home undetected because many entrance points are hidden under the foundation of the home. Sentricon bait systems are placed in areas where termites are known to live instead of in the general area surrounding a home. The bait is designed to be carried through the tunnels to affect a significant number of termites. This method is now preferred over traditional barrier systems because less pesticide is needed in addition to being more effective than traditional termite control techniques.

The Benefits of Using Sentricon

Sentricon Termite Systems have the advantage of being able to wipe out whole colonies of termites. Since the pesticide is located in underground traps, rather than being mixed in the soil around your home, there is no worry about pesticides affecting your lawn and garden. Additionally, Sentricon bait systems are affordable.

Choosing to have your Sentricon termite systems installed professionally is best. Professional extermination teams can identify the exact location of high-traffic areas using test baits made from wood. After active areas have been identified right team will install the appropriate bait as needed. The bait is replaced several times when treating large colonies to maximize the effectiveness of the system.

Signs You Have Termites

Subterranean termite colonies may nest close to your home, but as far away as 18 inches. Some signs of a termite infestation can include:

  • Visible mud holes
  • Termite droppings (frass)
  • Exit holes
  • Wood damage
  • Bubbling or peeling paint

It is best to prevent them, or at least locate them early on before they have done extensive damage to your home, which can be dangerous and also very costly to repair.


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