Pest Control in Coatesville

We have our pest control challenges in this area. But, we are a family owned and operated pest control company who understands those unique issues. We offer the best in extermination chemicals, plans and procedures for everyone. We care about our community because we live in the community. 

Bed Bugs in Coatesville

The most jarring experience regarding pests is when you retire to your warm, safe bed and wake up to find bites of an unknown origin on your body. Then you may notice the tiny blood stains on the bed and then it hits you. Your pest control company just told you that you are a living host to a bug while you’re sleeping.


 The only good news is, bed bugs don’t carry diseases. But, it can cause secondary infection. Protect your kids, the elderly and immune suppressed people at home. Above all, you deserve a safe bed, stop being a friendly host and call us for bed bug control. 

Roach Control is Coatesville

Roaches, large or small, flying or grounded are unpleasant and even worse to deal with. We strongly suggest you trust us with the species you have and how to permanently eradicate them. When you DIY the situation with sprays and gels you may be baiting them and encouraging reproduction.


We know what to look for and how to deal with these creatures so that they don’t come back. However, if you leave the situation long enough, it will get out of control. Once oaes take control, it’s hard if not impossible to control quickly. Call us now for a locate and terminate treatment. Then we provide a prevention plan for your roach control solution.

Ant Control Coatesville

Ants are invasive, smart, fast and powerful in strength. The main issue with DIY ant control is you really need to understand the species you’re dealing with. Then, you have to treat them from the place of origin. That is challenging to impossible for the homeowner. According to species and other factors, the origin of the colony and queen may be at your neighbor’s yard, in the pavement or even farther. Don’t waste your time and money on your own short-term solutions. Call us for your ant control in Coatesville today. 

We are a family owned and operated pest control company that has been serving the state of Pennsylvania for 35 years. We know and love our community and understand how much of a toll any type of pest infestation can take on a home. We strive to prevent and maintain. If you haven’t had a termite inspection since you moved in; it’s time to catch the culprits.  Rodents and termite are also on our list for permanent elimination and further prevention. Let’s get proactive together and address your residential and commercial pest control needs. 

Rodent Control in Phoenixville

Rodents are seen rarely and they represent only a small amount of the population inside your walls, roof and other areas. If you see small black droppings or hear scratching noises then call us immediately so we can address the infestation where it is now. Time is always of the essence with rodents because they breed fast, carry disease, and cause a significant amount of damage. They can chew through wires and cause house fires as well as a myriad of other costly things.  Call us today to get some damage control. 

Termite Control Phoenixville

Termites are the most destructive of what we deal with. The SentriconⓇ System is the only system that eradicates whole colonies. They use the biology of the termite against them, to put it simply. If you see wings, swarming termites, sawdust piles or small holes in your baseboards, then call us. However if you haven’t had a free termite inspection for a year or more then it’s time to do so with us. Time is of the essence and we want to prevent and maintain your home with the best in termite control.

Residential Pest Control Phoenixville 

Your home is your largest investment. Termites, rodents and mosquitoes either cause damage or disease. We want your home to stay your sanctuary. We will locate, and exterminate and then prevent and maintain. This is the circle of protection we place around you and your home. We have proven systems that are effective, long-term, and are safe for people and pets. Call us today for the best in residential pest control. 

Pest Control in Chester County

houseIt's a good day in Chester County when you can enjoy a backyard barbecue, go hiking with friends or lounge on the couch with a good movie. Those good days come to an end when you're forced to fight pest infestations in your home. Whether you're dealing with pest insects at home or in your business, Jones Termite & Pest Control eliminates infestations on target and prevents them from setting foot in your living and working spaces again.

Residential Pest Control

No home is safe from pests in Chester County. Even spotless homes are often the target for pests in the North as they look for shelter during the frigid winters and the humid summers. Ants, roaches, and rodents invade living areas throughout the year, including bed bugs and fleas, which cause aggravating problems for people in their homes. We'll inspect your home and use 100 percent safe and effective treatments to eliminate the pests without harming your family.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses need to provide a pest-free environment for their customers. No matter if it's a hotel or a restaurant, customers will stop returning if they see a pest infestation, and they'll post negative reviews online to deter new visitors in the future. Spiders and ants in an office can cause problems for workers at their desks or in the break room, and a rodent infestation can lead to health hazards in any workplace. We provide one-time and year-round pest control services for businesses, helping to keep them free and clear of invasive insects and rodents.

Termite Control

Termites target businesses and homes in Chester County. They live and work together in colonies and feed on wood such as lumber, rocking chairs, deck railings and fence posts. When they venture into urban areas, they invade cracks and crevices around homes and businesses and set up their colonies within the wooden structures. Afterward, they feed on the wood and grow their colonies, causing thousands of dollars in damages. If they're left untreated, termites can destroy properties as the months go by. We specialize in termite control and can kill the colony at the source while preventing future termites from invading your property.

Effective Chester County Pest Control

Contact Jones Termite & Pest Control for a free estimate and to schedule an inspection by our trained technicians. Termites, ants and other invasive pests threaten homes and businesses across Chester County and require professional assistance to eradicate the threat completely. We offer residential, commercial and industrial pest control for our customers throughout the area and use safe yet effective products. Whether it's a termite infestation or rodents and ants, we'll eradicate the pests and prevent reinfestations in your home, office or other building.

Jones Termite and Pest Control has been dealing with home pest services for over 35 years and we know how to protect your home in Downington best! Getting those nuisances out is easy with our professionally trained technicians ready to help. There are various packages for whatever pest problem your property has encountered and we even have a free inspection so you'll know how we can get rid of the problem best. 


Termite Control

No one wants to hear they have termites in their home. They cause mass destruction and can be hard to identify, so by the time you know you have them they've already caused damage. This is why it is so essential that once you know you have them, you get them out of your house. Jones Termite and Pest Control has expert technicians who will do just that, getting your termite problem under control. The termite treatment package includes: 


  • Inspection of property to see where termites congregate. 
  • Placement of Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System which is not intrusive compared to traditional termite treatment (no drilling into foundation required and environmentally friendly).


Roach Control 

Cockroaches are never a welcome site and with how fast they multiply and how hard they are to kill, it can be difficult to get the pests to leave once they have found their way in. They can also carry harmful bacteria, so in order for your family to be happy and healthy it's time to get rid of the menace. Our cockroach control package has features like: 


  • A professional inspection of the home by a roach exterminator.
  • A personalized plan to get the pests off your lawn efficiently. 
  • Roach killer treatment is applied to the property to make your house a roach-free zone.


Residential Pest Control 

Residential pest control is an essential part of what we do, so we do our best to make sure your home is once again pest-free, and safe for your family. Once you call us, we’ll send out an expert technician to figure out the problem areas and send the pests away. Our home pest services include: 


  • Inspection of property to identify where pests are. 
  • Treatment of lawn and interior of property if needed.
  • Bait stations and traps in order to catch all pests in your home.

Delaware County Pest Control

Have termites set up shop in your Delaware County business, or have rodents made themselves at home in your Delaware County home? Regardless of the nature of your pest control issue, Jones Termite & Pest Control is here to help. For more than 35 years, our family owned and operated company has assisted local homeowners and businesses with their pest control needs. With free inspections, free estimates and a variety of customizable products and solutions, we are the name to trust for safe, effective and affordable pest control.

Pests in Delaware County

One thing that makes Delaware County such a nice place to live and work is its scenic surroundings. However, those forested areas are home to vast arrays of pests, and it's all too easy for them to make their way into area homes and businesses. The climate of the region is also highly conducive to pest activity. This is especially true during the summer when the weather is hot, humid and moist.

About Jones Termite & Pest Control

Jones Termite & Pest Control has served residential and commercial customers throughout Delaware County and the Main Line area for more than three decades. Since we're locally owned and operated, we understand local pest control issues firsthand. Our experienced technicians are available for one-time treatments as well as recurring, preventive treatments that keep the premises pest-free all year long. With free inspections and free estimates, you have nothing to lose.

Residential Pest Control

Homes across Delaware County are invaded by unwanted pests all the time. From rats that chew through wires and otherwise destroy homes to ants that compromise food supplies and otherwise get in the way, pests make their way inside in all kinds of ways. Do-it-yourself pest control is merely a stop-gap measure, as it does nothing to address the underlying problem. Jones Termite & Pest Control takes the time to inspect and identify the root of the issue. In addition to eradicating pests from your home, we'll take steps to keep them from coming back.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Jones Termite & Pest Control also provides affordable and effective pest control services to businesses throughout Delaware County, PA. As a business owner, preventive pest control should be a top priority. Waiting until you have a problem is a recipe for disaster, as it can affect your livelihood. Our company offers services that provide year-round protection against the most common pests in the area, including termites and ants. After performing an in-depth inspection, we'll devise a customized strategy for eradicating and controlling pests on the premises.

Termite Control

Termites are an especially big concern throughout Delaware County. Jones Termite & Pest Control is called in to address this problem regularly, and we have lots of tools in our arsenal. In particular, we offer the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System that not only kills the existing colony but that prevents future infestations. You are sure to appreciate the peace of mind that you get from receiving these effective termite control treatments.

Call Today

Pest control in Delaware County is no laughing matter. The comfort of you and your family--or even your customers--hangs in the balance. For effective, safe, reliable pest control that won't break the bank, there's only one name to trust: Jones Termite & Pest Control. Call today to schedule service.

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