Pest Control in Chester County

houseIt's a good day in Chester County when you can enjoy a backyard barbecue, go hiking with friends or lounge on the couch with a good movie. Those good days come to an end when you're forced to fight pest infestations in your home. Whether you're dealing with pest insects at home or in your business, Jones Termite & Pest Control eliminates infestations on target and prevents them from setting foot in your living and working spaces again.

Residential Pest Control

No home is safe from pests in Chester County. Even spotless homes are often the target for pests in the North as they look for shelter during the frigid winters and the humid summers. Ants, roaches, and rodents invade living areas throughout the year, including bed bugs and fleas, which cause aggravating problems for people in their homes. We'll inspect your home and use 100 percent safe and effective treatments to eliminate the pests without harming your family.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses need to provide a pest-free environment for their customers. No matter if it's a hotel or a restaurant, customers will stop returning if they see a pest infestation, and they'll post negative reviews online to deter new visitors in the future. Spiders and ants in an office can cause problems for workers at their desks or in the break room, and a rodent infestation can lead to health hazards in any workplace. We provide one-time and year-round pest control services for businesses, helping to keep them free and clear of invasive insects and rodents.

Termite Control

Termites target businesses and homes in Chester County. They live and work together in colonies and feed on wood such as lumber, rocking chairs, deck railings and fence posts. When they venture into urban areas, they invade cracks and crevices around homes and businesses and set up their colonies within the wooden structures. Afterward, they feed on the wood and grow their colonies, causing thousands of dollars in damages. If they're left untreated, termites can destroy properties as the months go by. We specialize in termite control and can kill the colony at the source while preventing future termites from invading your property.

Effective Chester County Pest Control

Contact Jones Termite & Pest Control for a free estimate and to schedule an inspection by our trained technicians. Termites, ants and other invasive pests threaten homes and businesses across Chester County and require professional assistance to eradicate the threat completely. We offer residential, commercial and industrial pest control for our customers throughout the area and use safe yet effective products. Whether it's a termite infestation or rodents and ants, we'll eradicate the pests and prevent reinfestations in your home, office or other building.

Delaware County Pest Control

Have termites set up shop in your Delaware County business, or have rodents made themselves at home in your Delaware County home? Regardless of the nature of your pest control issue, Jones Termite & Pest Control is here to help. For more than 35 years, our family owned and operated company has assisted local homeowners and businesses with their pest control needs. With free inspections, free estimates and a variety of customizable products and solutions, we are the name to trust for safe, effective and affordable pest control.

Pests in Delaware County

One thing that makes Delaware County such a nice place to live and work is its scenic surroundings. However, those forested areas are home to vast arrays of pests, and it's all too easy for them to make their way into area homes and businesses. The climate of the region is also highly conducive to pest activity. This is especially true during the summer when the weather is hot, humid and moist.

About Jones Termite & Pest Control

Jones Termite & Pest Control has served residential and commercial customers throughout Delaware County and the Main Line area for more than three decades. Since we're locally owned and operated, we understand local pest control issues firsthand. Our experienced technicians are available for one-time treatments as well as recurring, preventive treatments that keep the premises pest-free all year long. With free inspections and free estimates, you have nothing to lose.

Residential Pest Control

Homes across Delaware County are invaded by unwanted pests all the time. From rats that chew through wires and otherwise destroy homes to ants that compromise food supplies and otherwise get in the way, pests make their way inside in all kinds of ways. Do-it-yourself pest control is merely a stop-gap measure, as it does nothing to address the underlying problem. Jones Termite & Pest Control takes the time to inspect and identify the root of the issue. In addition to eradicating pests from your home, we'll take steps to keep them from coming back.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Jones Termite & Pest Control also provides affordable and effective pest control services to businesses throughout Delaware County, PA. As a business owner, preventive pest control should be a top priority. Waiting until you have a problem is a recipe for disaster, as it can affect your livelihood. Our company offers services that provide year-round protection against the most common pests in the area, including termites and ants. After performing an in-depth inspection, we'll devise a customized strategy for eradicating and controlling pests on the premises.

Termite Control

Termites are an especially big concern throughout Delaware County. Jones Termite & Pest Control is called in to address this problem regularly, and we have lots of tools in our arsenal. In particular, we offer the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System that not only kills the existing colony but that prevents future infestations. You are sure to appreciate the peace of mind that you get from receiving these effective termite control treatments.

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Pest control in Delaware County is no laughing matter. The comfort of you and your family--or even your customers--hangs in the balance. For effective, safe, reliable pest control that won't break the bank, there's only one name to trust: Jones Termite & Pest Control. Call today to schedule service.

Villanova, PA Pest Control

The pristine town of Villanova isn't immune to pests. Wherever people go, bugs, rodents, and other critters will certainly follow. While Pennsylvania winters are quite cold, the temperature is usually just warm enough for bugs to thrive throughout most of the year. Such pests can pose a danger to your property and your health, so you need to always be on the lookout. Here are a few pests you're likely to see roaming around your home if you live in Villanova.

Ant Control 

People often underestimate the amount of damage ants can do. In addition to contaminating your food, some ants feed on the wood that holds your home together, which can lead to structural damage and massive home repair bills. If you see a stray ant or two crawling around your counter, it's reasonable to assume that there's a colony of thousands living within your walls. Don't waste your time and money on over-the-counter traps and baits; call a professional exterminator who can locate the source of the infestation, choose the ideal treatment and take steps to prevent future invasions.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs love to travel, so they often hitch a ride on clothing, luggage or backpacks before settling into a comfy cushion to feast on human blood. You may rarely see them because they tend to hide within mattresses during the day, but you'll certainly feel the itchy red bumps they leave behind after biting you during the night. These bites are usually harmless, but people with allergies can have severe reactions that require medical attention. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of, so don't even bother fighting back on your own. Your home may need several treatments from a professional exterminator to eliminate the problem.

Flea Control

Like bed bugs, fleas also have a taste for human blood, but they tend to target furrier mammals like dogs and cats. In addition to leaving itchy red bumps behind, fleas can also carry diseases that affect people and their pets. Female fleas can lay up to 500 eggs in their short lifetimes, so you'll never beat a flea infestation by targeting them one by one. Seek out an exterminator that specializes in using non-toxic treatments to keep your home safe for you and your animal companions.

Jones Termite & Pest Control Services

Pest extermination is an ever evolving business, and Jones Termite & Pest Control has been on the front lines for over 35 years. Thanks to our experience fighting pests in the Philadelphia Main Line and surrounding areas, each of our bonded exterminators is equipped with the tools and knowledge to combat critters common to this region. Whether or not you're currently having bug problems, you can call Jones Termite & Pest Control anytime and ask for a free property inspection to identify preemptive measures you can take to keep your home pest-free.

Montgomery County, PA Pest Control

Located a short drive northwest of Philadelphia, Montgomery County is known as a great place to live. In fact, Forbes magazine ranked it the 9th Best Place to Raise a Family in the United States in 2008. And part of raising a happy family involves maintaining a healthy home. At Jones Termite & Pest Control, we take pride in helping homeowners.

With that said, here are three pests to watch for to ensure your happy and healthy home stays that way.

Ant Control

Ants are social pests that live in colonies, which you'll usually find underground. Thousands of ants can live in a single colony, and since they work jointly to support the queen, they can survive the severest of conditions. The three most common ants found in Montgomery County include the carpenter ant, the odorous house ant, and the pavement ant.

Warning Signs of an Ant Infestation

  • You find damage to wood surfaces* caused by burrowing carpenter ants.
  • You notice ants crawling in food containers or areas that contain them.
  • You hear rustling noises coming from inside the walls or woodwork.

*Unlike termites, carpenter ants don't consume the wood that they damage. They remove it to make room for nests.

Rodent Control

Among all the pests that can infest your home in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, rodents pose the biggest danger to your health. That's because, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, common rodents like mice and rats can carry diseases.

Warning Signs of a Rodent Infestation

  • You find rodent droppings - similar to the size of rice - near food packages, in cupboards, and under the sink.
  • You notice nesting materials, like shredded paper and dried plant matter, in various areas of your home.
  • You spot small holes in walls and floors that serve as entry points into your home.

Termite Control

According to the most recent findings, termites damage about 600,000 homes in the United States every year. What's more, homeowners who suffer a termite infestation collectively spend a total of $5 billion annually to repair the damage. Since a queen can produce 30,000 eggs per day, every minute counts when trying to take back control of your home.

Warning Signs of a Termite Infestation

  • You find termite droppings - small pellets known as frass - near entry points.
  • You notice shelter tubes that arrange into a fan-like pattern along foundation walls.
  • You spot sagging floors or hear the sound of hollow wood when you tap it.

If you suspect you have an ant, rodent or termite infestation in your home in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, contact Jones Termite & Pest Control immediately at (610) 572-2841 for a rapid response to your pest problem.

Merion, PA Pest Control

Merion, PA, tends to have hot, humid summers and chilly winters, which can lead certain pests to seek food and shelter in your home or commercial property. At Jones Termite & Pest Control, we want customers to be forewarned; that way, we can treat whatever pest problem they have when it's still in the early stages. Below are just three of the most common pests in this area.


If you have holes in your roof or cracks in the exterior leading to your basement, there's a good chance that rats and mice will enter. They often enter homes in the winter to find a warm place to breed, and in the process of building their nests they can damage your insulation and tear at cardboard and other soft materials. They'll burrow into the rest of your home to forage for food, contaminating whatever they don't eat, and sometimes they'll bite you in your sleep.

These pests can carry hantavirus, salmonella, and fleas with plague. Coming into contact with rodent saliva, urine or feces can lead to the transmission of a range of diseases. If you inspect your property for rats, be sure to wear a mask and gloves. Search for urine stains that give off an ammonia smell, footprints in dust, and pellet-like droppings.


Whether you meet with the reddish-brown American cockroach or the light brown German cockroach, the sight of a single cockroach means there's already a nest somewhere in your property. These pests enter through window crevices, leaks in drain pipes, and exterior cracks, breed in warm, damp places where there's little vibration, and like to occupy bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas. They'll eat whatever is available, whether it's meat, sweets, or cardboard. Though they don't cause any structural damage, they're known for triggering asthma and allergies and for spreading salmonella and streptococcus.

If you don't spot a cockroach during your inspection, the next best thing to go by is their feces, which look like black specks. A musty odor is another sign of a major infestation.


Subterranean termites, rather than drywood termites, are a major problem in this area. These are pests that live in moist soil and burrow up to feed on wet or decayed wood structures. Starting with your foundation, they'll move up by way of mud tubes, which they construct out of saliva and feces, to your walls and even to the attic. Every year, they cost homeowners in America more than $5 billion in structural damage.

Besides their mud tubes, which are often found in corners of walls and in the cracks of concrete masonry, there are several signs of their presence that you can look for. Shed wings would indicate that the termites have swarmed to another part of your property. Hollow wood is a sure sign; note that these termites have a preference for the soft, light-colored parts of wood and eat along the grain.

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With Jones Termite & Pest Control, your pest problem will be taken care of right away. We can eliminate rodents with traps and rodenticide, exterminate roaches with baits and sprays, and install a Sentricon® system to slowly but surely kill off a whole termite colony. Give us a call today, and we'll inspect your property and provide a free estimate for the necessary service.

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