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Roaches are common household pests that can be found lurking in even the cleanest home environments. While roaches are most frequently found in kitchens and bathrooms, they can set up residence in any area of the home that provides a source of food and water. Due to their high reproduction rate, a cockroach infestation can quickly get out of hand and lead to serious health and sanitation issues that must be dealt with immediately.

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When roaches invade a home, the health of every person living in the house is at risk. As roaches crawl through waste and sewage lines, they pick up harmful bacteria that can then be transferred to food, countertops and other food preparation surfaces. The bacteria carried by roaches can contribute to serious illnesses such as salmonella and typhus. In addition to the bacterial risk, many people with breathing difficulties, such as asthma, are sensitive to the droppings left behind by roaches. Over time, this can lead to an increase in allergies and asthma-related symptoms.

Signs of a Roach Infestation in Your Home

A roach infestation is often recognized by the appearance of cockroaches. There are several types of cockroaches that are common in the Pennsylvania. Generally, German, American and other types of roaches can be identified by their brown bodies. In addition to seeing an actual roach, other signs of an infestation include seeing black specks in areas where cockroaches gather. They may also leave behind egg casings in areas where they nest. Usually, if even one roach is seen, the infestation has already become extensive.

Benefits of Professional Extermination from Jones Termite

When a person first notices roaches in their home, they often try to eliminate the infestation with a combination of baits and sprays. Unfortunately, these types of methods may not always be safe for everyone in the household. They are also ineffective against a serious infestation. For an effective pest control method, a professional exterminator should be called to conduct an inspection of the home. After an inspection, they can then develop a plan that will effectively eliminate the roaches while providing long-lasting results that will improve the health and sanitation of the entire household.

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