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Residential Pest Services - Termites, Insects, Rodents

A pest problem should never be taken lightly. Besides being unpleasant to see, they can cause extensive damage to your home and even threaten your health. Here are some of the most common household pests, how you can recognize their presence and why they should be eradicated.

Termites in Chester County

Termites are white, soft-bodied insects distantly related to ants and wasps. Like some of their cousins, these pests like to make their home in wood, making them potentially devastating if they get inside of your home. In places where there is exposed wood, you may notice piles of their droppings, which resemble saw dust. Another telltale sign is wood that appears to be rotting or is marred with holes. If left unaddressed, termites can cause irreparable damage to your home's wooden frame.

Insects in Montgomery County

Besides termites, there are numerous insects that will gladly invade your home. The most notable and problematic of these is the cockroach. They defecate frequently and abundantly on walls, floors, counter tops and furniture. They're also known to trigger or worsen respiratory problems. Roaches are easiest to detect by looking for their discarded skins and egg cases near baseboards, underneath furniture and in cabinets. You won't often see the roaches during the day unless you have a serious infestation.

Rodents Extermination in Delaware County

Rodents are both destructive and hazardous to health. Mice and rats breed profusely, are incapable of controlling their bodily functions and like to chew through wood, wires and food containers. The most obvious signs of rodents are their droppings, which may be left on floors and counters and inside pantries. Rodents carry an alarming number of parasites and diseases, so the sooner they're dealt with, the better.

Once you have these pests in your home, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of without assistance. Much of the time, do-it-yourself control measures fail to kill all of the offending animals, leaving behind enough of them to restart the infestation. Therefore, it's strongly recommended that you hire professional pest control services to make sure the job is done correctly and thoroughly.

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