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If you are not too familiar with what fleas are, consider yourself fortunate. These tiny insects are hearty and extremely agile. Fleas are parasitic, and they feed from the blood of their host. They are quick jumpers and hard to catch. They are even harder to kill because they can withstand human weight without ever being harmed.

Fleas lay about 20 eggs at one time. The larva remains with the female flea, and in just a couple of weeks, the eggs break open and the flea hatches. During her lifetime, the female flea can produce more than 500 eggs. The flea can go a long time without feeding, so it can take them a long time to die.

Fleas in You Home

Animals and humans become very frustrated because of fleas. Not only do they have a painful and itchy bite, animals can be allergic to fleas and experience seizures if they become infested. Once infested with fleas, frequent scratching and biting can cause loss of hair and skin infections. If the infection becomes serious, the animal can lose too much blood and become anemic. Fleas can easily spread their diseases. The most popular and deadly one is bubonic plague.

You know that your home is infested with fleas when everyone is complaining of having irritating flea bites and dealing with the itching that goes along with it.

Let the Professionals at Jones Termite and Pest Control Help

For most people, it is easier and more effective to allow professional exterminators handle getting rid of the fleas. A professional exterminator will have the right kind of products and equipment for ridding your home from fleas as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A professional exterminator will not only offer professional services, but a guarantee for the work performed. Once you pay for flea removal service, you can be assured that the flea problem will be resolved. Ask the exterminating company about their guarantee before purchasing the service.

After you contact a professional exterminator for an inspection, they will come out and assess your needs and determine how bad the problem is. In the case of fleas, they will request you remove or wash all the bedding your pets use, vacuum your carpets and perform some other preliminary steps. Your pet will also need to be treated for fleas.

Using a professional exterminator is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of fleas in your home. If you have problems with a flea infestation, contact a professional exterminator in Pennsylvania today and have them come out and assess your home.

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