Pest Control in Chester County

houseIt's a good day in Chester County when you can enjoy a backyard barbecue, go hiking with friends or lounge on the couch with a good movie. Those good days come to an end when you're forced to fight pest infestations in your home. Whether you're dealing with pest insects at home or in your business, Jones Termite & Pest Control eliminates infestations on target and prevents them from setting foot in your living and working spaces again.

Residential Pest Control

No home is safe from pests in Chester County. Even spotless homes are often the target for pests in the North as they look for shelter during the frigid winters and the humid summers. Ants, roaches, and rodents invade living areas throughout the year, including bed bugs and fleas, which cause aggravating problems for people in their homes. We'll inspect your home and use 100 percent safe and effective treatments to eliminate the pests without harming your family.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses need to provide a pest-free environment for their customers. No matter if it's a hotel or a restaurant, customers will stop returning if they see a pest infestation, and they'll post negative reviews online to deter new visitors in the future. Spiders and ants in an office can cause problems for workers at their desks or in the break room, and a rodent infestation can lead to health hazards in any workplace. We provide one-time and year-round pest control services for businesses, helping to keep them free and clear of invasive insects and rodents.

Termite Control

Termites target businesses and homes in Chester County. They live and work together in colonies and feed on wood such as lumber, rocking chairs, deck railings and fence posts. When they venture into urban areas, they invade cracks and crevices around homes and businesses and set up their colonies within the wooden structures. Afterward, they feed on the wood and grow their colonies, causing thousands of dollars in damages. If they're left untreated, termites can destroy properties as the months go by. We specialize in termite control and can kill the colony at the source while preventing future termites from invading your property.

Effective Chester County Pest Control

Contact Jones Termite & Pest Control for a free estimate and to schedule an inspection by our trained technicians. Termites, ants and other invasive pests threaten homes and businesses across Chester County and require professional assistance to eradicate the threat completely. We offer residential, commercial and industrial pest control for our customers throughout the area and use safe yet effective products. Whether it's a termite infestation or rodents and ants, we'll eradicate the pests and prevent reinfestations in your home, office or other building.

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