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Have pests infiltrated your Broomall, PA home? Despite your best efforts, you can easily end up with fleas, ants, bedbugs and other pests in your home and on your property. Although you can find do-it-yourself solutions in local stores, the truth is that they don't go far enough because they don't address the root of the problem. Even if pests go away for a while, they're sure to return before too long. For effective, long-term pest control in Broomall, PA, professional intervention is a must. You can't beat Jones Termite & Pest Control.

Pest Activity in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Life is pretty good in southeastern Pennsylvania. Like most parts of the country, however, the area has its fair share of pests. While pest activity tends to drop precipitously during the winter, it spikes quickly when spring rolls around. During the summer, the area gets weather that is moist, humid and very warm or even hot. These conditions are ideal for a variety of common pests, so it comes as no surprise that local residents often struggle with infestations.

Common Pests in the Area

At Jones Termite & Pest Control, we receive calls for help with a vast array of different pests. We are well-versed regarding all pests that are common in the area, and we have the tools and products that are needed to eradicate them quickly and for good. If you are tired of finding ants, fleas, bedbugs and other pests in and around your home, we can help.


Ant infestations happen quickly. What typically happens is that a few ants discover a food source in a home and then go back and alert the others in the colony. They leave behind pheromone trails so that the other ants can easily follow their path.

Some ants are actually destructive. Carpenter ants can destroy wood structures, for example. Ants also get into food, and some of them even bite. Bait traps with special poison that attracts them are used to poison the entire colony, and many other steps are taken to ensure that they don't return.


If you have pets in the home, there's a good chance that fleas can make their way inside. This can happen even if you don't have any dogs or cats. Fleas are so tiny that they are nearly impossible to see and kill, and their bites are very itchy and uncomfortable. We get calls all the time from Broomall residents who have fleas in their homes, and we can help rid yours of these nasty pests through a variety of proven techniques.

Bed bugs

Despite what you may have heard, bedbugs aren't drawn to filthy environments. They usually get into homes by hitchhiking in on people's shoes or in their luggage. These nocturnal pests come alive during the night to feed on sleeping people's blood. They are notoriously difficult to get rid of, but Jones Termite & Pest Control has the tools, skills, and knowledge that are needed to eliminate them once and for all.

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Stop putting up with the presence of pests in your home. In the Broomall area, including Chester County and Delaware County, Jones Termite & Pest Control is the name to trust for effective pest control. We're ready when you are, so call today to schedule a free inspection.

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