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Being stung by an insect is life threatening if you are sensitive to bee or wasp venom. If you see signs of wasps or bees near a building or outside, then contacting Jones Termite, Broomall, Pa., immediately is imperative. Both of these insect varieties can quickly invade openings in a home to build a wasp nest or beehive. Only our exterminator experts can determine the particular species of wasp or bee living near a residence or business.

Bess and Wasps Extermination

Many species of stinging insects are highly aggressive making it easier to sustain an injury that requires a trip to the emergency room. In addition to personal injury, wasps and bees can create structural damage in a building by drilling through exterior walls to enter crevices. Once inside hidden spaces, the insects build large nests for young that also cause damage to your home. Signs of a wasp and bee invasion in your home include hearing buzzing noises inside walls or attic spaces.

We also receive calls from clients concerning stinging insects near automobiles, outbuildings and trees. If you see wasps or bees hovering near a location, it is likely the insects have built a nest. Getting near a beehive or wasp nest to perform pesticide treatments is dangerous for amateurs. The insects typically will react by attempting to sting you to protect young in the nest.

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Calling us immediately for a free quote concerning extermination services from Jones Termites is a better solution. We can determine if it is safe to remove and relocate the stinging insects from your home or yard. Alternatively, our pest control experts can destroy bees and wasps with insecticides.

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